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The true value of a perfect home garden goes far beyond the tangible products growing in it. Although studies have shown that a picturesque garden can easily improve the market value of a piece of property by up to ten percent, it also has a certain intrinsic value that cannot accurately be measured in dollars and cents. To help you appreciate the perks of having a perfect home garden, we’ve compiled a list of benefits that most homeowners often overlook.

Relax and Relieve Stress

There are several studies which confirm that simply sitting in a thriving garden will help reduce stress. The Netherlands even have a special term for the practice of designing stress-relieving gardens, which they refer to it as “geo-sense gardening.” However, this trend is actually far from being new. Its roots can be traced as far back as ancient Persia, China, and Egypt, whose wealthy and influential personalities attempted to incorporate nature into early urban environments.

Hospital gardens are yet another good example of the importance of the outdoors to mental and physical health. In a survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, it was discovered that roughly 80 percent of architects and directors of assisted-living homes believe outdoor space to be one of the chief considerations in the overall design of their facilities. In another study, which was published in the early 1980s, Dr. Roger Ulrich of Texas A&M University also came to the conclusion that gazing at gardens can speed up the healing process for infections, surgeries, and other illnesses.

Reconnect with Nature

Horticulture therapy refers to the study of the effects of gardening on patient rehabilitation. Several studies related to this field have suggested that simply experiencing pleasant, natural landscapes can already be beneficial to recovering patients. Most environmental psychologists believe this reaction to be caused by basic human instincts and genetics. The behavior is technically referred to as “biophilia” and is also the main reason for the existence of public parks and similar projects.

The opportunity to reconnect with nature can also be a fun learning experience for kids. A home garden can provide the perfect place to educate children about insects, ecosystems, micro-organisms, and basic biology.

Have Fun with Family and Friends

A spacious home garden can also be a great place for social events, such as birthday parties, neighborhood barbecues, family picnics, make-believe campouts, and more. Gathering in a natural environment near your home will help you connect with others in a more personal and relaxed setting.

Sense of Pride and Joy

Lastly, a luxurious garden can bring you a lot of personal pride and joy. Your garden will not only serve as a physical representation of your hard work and determination, but will also turn your neighbors green with envy.

Gardens stimulate all of our senses. Just imagining the sight of a well-maintained lawn, the smell of blooming flowers, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, and the touch of soil will already bring a smile to most faces – that smile is a prime example of an intangible benefit. It is a prime example of the true value of a perfect home garden.