Light Up the Night

Light Up the Night

Why Build an Outdoor Firepit

Fire pits or outdoor fireplaces carry a unique charm that can improve the aesthetics of almost any backyard. In addition to this, it can also serve as a great place to entertain people, especially during the cool summer and autumn nights. Just imagine a night of bonding with family and friends, while cozying up near the fire under a star-filled April sky. What could be better?

Unlike other yard investments like outdoor kitchens or swimming pools, you don’t need to wait for just the right weather to use your fire pit. Aside from the extremely cold winter nights, you’ll be able to comfortably use your fire pit for most of the year. That’s partly why these fixtures are such a good investment. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a short list of reasons why you should invest in a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.

Instantly improve your get-togethers. If you’re tired of the same old party settings, a fire pit can offer some welcome variation. Once you have a working fire pit, just call over a few friends, get yourself some quality meat and drinks, and – voila – instant barbecue with the perfect ambiance.

Make a statement. As we mentioned right at the start, fire pits carry a unique charm that significantly improves almost any backyard setting. For fire pits with a more permanent nature, you can choose to use a wide range of materials, such as brick, stone or clay. Note that different materials have different colors and textures. So, it’s important that you determine which material best fits the overall aesthetic of your landscape before installing the fire pit.

Get ready to cook. While you may not enjoy the same functionality as you would from a grill, it’s still possible to cook a wide variety of foods using the fire pit. Fruit kebabs, corn on the cob, hot dogs, and s’mores are just some of the delicious dishes you can roast. Guests can enjoy the experience of cooking their own food, while you can enjoy the night without having to clean your kitchen. Now that’s a win-win scenario.

Natural pest control. What can motivate you stay indoors more than winter’s chill? Bugs. More specifically, the bugs that seem to appear out of nowhere just as the weather warms up. Fortunately, smoke is actually a natural bug repellent. Even the occasional use your fire pit will produce enough smoke to drive away these annoying little critters. So, if you’re planning to enjoy the night on your patio, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace can be a real godsend.